All surgical assistant (PA, NP, CRNFA, etc.) billing is unique and often times difficult for those who are not familiar with this type of billing. Each insurance company has their own set of guidelines they require for assistant billing.


The surgeon you assist may offer to have his staff bill for you, but are they capable of billing correctly? Do they know how to appeal your denials?

We have been billing for surgical assistants for over a decade. We know how to communicate with the insurance companies that are unfamiliar with your claims. We are understanding to those patients that receive your bill and did not know an assistant was present for their procedure. We are reassuring to those offices that receive insurance payments on your behalf and are unaware of what to do with the check.

We understand that you have professional relationships with your surgeons you assist so we make the transition of billing through our company as easy as possible. Once you are established with us, all you need to do is fax us the face sheet. We request the codes, bill the insurance, and do the follow up of claims. The insurance checks can either come to you or to us where upon we will make a copy and mail to you on a weekly basis. We are not on your account; checks are made out directly to you. We will invoice the surgeon for any checks issued through their office and we will bill the patients for copays, deductibles, etc. We also pride ourselves in our aggressiveness of appeals.

All of these services are provided and at the end of the month we only charge a percentage of your collections. There are no extra costs to you if a claim needs to be appealed or submitted more than once.



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