Aggressive Appeals of Denials and Payment Reductions

I've been in this business for 11 years and I've had 4 billing services and Palm Surgical Billing is by far the best. Wish I would have had them long ago!"

Herly Ramos, PA-C

"... My colllections have increased since using Palm Surgical Billing and the follow up is excellent."

Dr. Gene Miller

"... I've never seen a billing service work so hard to get my claims paid, and I've had other services in the past."

Leslie Mackey, PA-C

"... these guys are great or what?"

William Malone, PA-C




Whether you are just starting out or you are already established, our billing service is what you need most. If you chose to do billing in your office with an employee, your costs will continuously rise for payroll, taxes, benefits, bonuses, and vacation pay. Not to mention the office supply costs to send claims, patient statements, and postage as well as the long distance phone calls for claim follow up.

Besides the expense of having an employee billing, let us not forget the fact that hopefully all your employees will work harmoniously together. Will they work efficiently and effectively for you? Unfortunately, there are cases when employees are still going to receive their hourly wage whether they submit 10 claims or 100 claims. Are you lucky enough to have an employee that will have the best interest of your office at heart?

Why take the risk? Why pay all those expenses? Why not have a billing service that is dedicated to your needs?

We charge a percentage of your collections each month regardless of how many times we have to submit a claim, appeal denials or invoice patients.



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